Gamez Furniture

7376 W 20th Ave. #154. Hialeah, FL 33016
Tel. 305.824.3254 / Fax. 305.824.0785

About Us

Gamez Furniture Design, Corp. is a family owned and operated business which continues its pursuit of excellence, with more than 20 years experience, we are proud for our reputation for providing our new and existing clients honest value and quality and for sustaining long term relationships, in the finest custom made cabinetry business.

We specialize in complete residential and commercial design and space planning, manufacturing, installation and we also export domestically and internationally.

Our projects include, custom kitchen cabinets, vanities, wall units, retail stores such as jewelry, fragrances, cosmetics and all commercial businesses for example: restaurants, banks, hospitals, schools, office furniture, medical and other professional offices.

Our company employs craftsmen who are skillful and dedicated to excellent quality, which enables us to provide cost effective workmanship at extremely high standards.

About Games Furniture

From Concept to Reality, We Make Dreams Come True!

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